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PostSubject: not as bad   not as bad Icon_minitime21st June 2009, 1:35 pm

well i had a good week as far as being sick, i think i was only sick twice since monday, but then was sick this morning. but still i cant really eat I have gone of so much food its unbelievable, i cant believe everything i have gone off!! spicy food is the worst, i usually love spicy food, curry is my fave food ever, but could not even bear to think about eating anyhting like that. I dont know what im surviving on to be honest, i just seem to pick at little things, like i might have a packet of crisps or i have been able to eat toast over the last few days so thats good. i am even fussy over what i drink, usualy i love dr pepper and pepsi, i cant stand the though of drinking anyhting like that, and tea, usually i drink alot of it, and alhtough i can drink it i have to fancy it to be able to drink it now. this afternoon i really fancied tomatoes on toast but i felt a bit sick so i thought best not, i made myself some honey (omg i have such a thing about honey!) on toast and a cup of tea, as soon as i had made them and was about to go and sit and eat, i threw up!! eliza was happy though as she got to have my toast!!! i was gutted as i was so hungry!!! then after that i just felt really awful all day! but im not going to complain, yesterday we went out to a show and i actually had soke chips whilst i was these, i havent eaten chips for weeks!!!! its funny how some days i feel ok (but then spend the day worrying something is wrong) and then the next day i feel so ill! I am so tired too, if chalrie has a nap in the day (which he quite often does) then i have to get some sleep too, otherwise i struggle to get through the day! its like i am 90% of the time in bed by 9 om, the earliest was the other night when i went to bed at 7;40 pm and i had had a sleep in the day, but i guess if im hardly eating i am going to be more tired out. but its fine, at least i seem to be getting some break from the sickness, and my eye is starting to get better (not before it actually looked worse though!!!)

well i have my appt through for my first visit with the midwife, thats on the 7th july, to do all the paperwork, still seems weird talking aobut miwives!

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PostSubject: Re: not as bad   not as bad Icon_minitime24th June 2009, 3:14 am

Pleased your feeling a bit better hun, chin up hopefully it will be over soon and you can start t eat and enjoy your pregnancy.....xxxx
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