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 Some people are so petty!

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Some people are so petty! Empty
PostSubject: Some people are so petty!   Some people are so petty! Icon_minitime4th March 2009, 5:18 am

Jade Goody says she will be dead in a month
The reality TV star Jade Goody, who is suffering from terminal cancer, has said she will be dead within a month.

By Patrick Sawer
Last Updated: 11:00AM GMT 28 Feb 2009

The confrontation took place as Goody prepared to leave her house in Upshire, Essex Photo: KENT
During an angry confrontation with a neighbour over a long-running dispute regarding a shared gate she screamed: "Chill out – I'm gonna be dead in a month."

The row came as the former Big Brother star left her home for the first time since returning from her wedding to Jack Tweed last Sunday.

She had been left exhausted by the ceremony and has spend much of the week since the wedding in bed.

The confrontation took place as she prepared to leave her house in Upshire, Essex, to visit a hospice where she was due to have her pain relief drugs monitored and changed.

She has been suffering frightening hallucinations as a result of the medication.

A witness said: "As Jade slowly made her way to the car she looked in a lot of pain. This man shouted something and she went mad and started screaming at him. He and Jade share a gate that he often has to go and close after people have left her house."

Ms Goody collapsed in tears and sat sobbing in the back of the silver Mercedes on her drive.

Tweed, who has to wear a tag after being released from a jail sentence for assault, shouted angrily at the man.

Ms Goody's agent Max Clifford said: "She was in a very frail state. She'd had a terrible night on Thursday and was being taken to St Clare Hospice in Harlow to have her pain medication altered.

"She knows it is just weeks [she has to live]. No one can say when exactly. She is being very brave."

Since Sunday's wedding, Macmillan nurses and Ms Goody's doctor have been struggling to bring her pain under control. She is to spend two nights at the hospice in a "trial run".

It has emerged that another reason for her visit is to spare her sons Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, some of the trauma of watching her die.

A friend told The Sun: "Freddie and Bobby have been getting upset watching Jade deteriorating. She is concerned about the long-term mental effect it may have on them.

"She can't bear the kids watching her dying in the family home. So she's staying the weekend at the hospice to see how it goes."

A spokesman said Ms Goody's hallucinations were a side-effect of her pain-killing medication.

The spokesman said: "She had a terrible night on Thursday. Her nurse had adjusted her pain medication and it affected her badly.

"She was frightened and having hallucinations. Everyone was scared, they didn't know what to do. It was distressing as she was distraught and seemed to be imagining things, mumbling and calling out, 'Where am I?'

"They spent a long time trying to calm her down. Jack did his best until he had to leave under the terms of his curfew."

Friends said Jade was taking some comfort from the fact that Tweed will not be returned to prison if he breaks his curfew by rushing to her deathbed.

The 21-year-old –who was freed early from a jail sentence for assault – must stay at his mother's home between 7pm and 7am.

The Ministry of Justice has ruled that Tweed can take off his tag when Ms Goody is close to death, but his bid to have it removed completely was rejected.
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Some people are so petty!
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