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 weird night

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PostSubject: weird night   24th February 2009, 7:43 am

last nihgt was a bit of a weird night, both kids were in bed with me, but neither of them could sleep, i kept waking up because i could hear them wondering around still half asleep, at one point i had to come down and check the gas in the kitchen i had a awful feeling chalrie had been down and turned them on, the kitchen gate is shut (and belted because charlie can open them now) but the cooker is near the door so he could have reached over and switched it on, dont know why this came to my head but it did lol, the gas wasnt on anyway. then he kept getting up asking for milk, eliza kept laying across my legs and then chalrie was sick, thankfully eliza had resigned to sleeping on the floor - yes she does have a bed lol! we all kept getting hot then cold, didnt know whether to put the heating on or not, didnt in the end though because eliza gets soo hot, but this morning she was moaning she couldnt sleep because she was hot and cold, none of us had temperatures so dont know why that was, i just find it strange we were all finding it hard to sleep, but didnt know why! then charlie was sick again this morning, but waited until he was dressed had his coat and shoes on and about to loeave the house before he decided to do it, typical!!! lol!!! hope for a better night tonight!!


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PostSubject: Re: weird night   24th February 2009, 8:28 am

If it was monoxide poisioning then you'd feel sleepy not wide awake xx
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PostSubject: Re: weird night   24th February 2009, 9:12 am

Oh hun sorry to hear that you had a bad night, i hope you have a better night tonight....xxx
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PostSubject: Re: weird night   

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weird night
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