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 Eastenders spoilers starting for 16th Feb

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Eastenders spoilers starting for 16th Feb Empty
PostSubject: Eastenders spoilers starting for 16th Feb   Eastenders spoilers starting for 16th Feb Icon_minitime17th February 2009, 1:26 am

Monday, 16 February 20:00 BBC1

Garry is back from the dead! Dawn won't give up on Garry, but her hope begins to fade when Darren confesses that he deleted an answerphone message from Garry professing his unrequited love for her. Meanwhile, in a bar in France, Garry watches a story about his disappearance on BBC News!

Ian makes Lucas manager at Beale's Plaice to spend time on the catering businesses. Christian suggests that they merge both catering companies and Ian wants to take charge, but Zainab is voted in as manager and a put out Ian takes back the manager's job at the chippy!

Ricky nervously waits for the DNA test results, but the only post is a wedding invite from Peggy. Bianca is irritated that Peggy has sent her and Ricky a joint invite and she's horrified when Ricky insists he's fine about people thinking they're a couple.

Tuesday, 17 February 19:30 BBC1

Dawn grieves for Garry, while Heather organises memorial drinks at the Vic. At the memorial Dawn says that Garry was sweet and kind and she loved him. Everyone is stunned when Dawn is interrupted - by Garry!

Bianca is on edge waiting for the DNA results to arrive. Ricky is left in charge of the kids, but when he gets a pick-up he leaves Whitney looking after them and they cause havoc with the Pat Cabs control. Ricky lays the blame on Tiffany.

Ian takes his bad mood out on a homeless woman sheltering in the chippy. Ian is outvoted yet again over a new name for the joint catering venture and he confesses to Jane that he's depressed about his upcoming 40th.

Thursday, 19 February 19:30 BBC1

Does Dawn really love Garry?

Garry has a simple explanation for his apparent suicide - someone stole his car. He confronts Dawn and asks her if she really does love him, but Dawn can't give him an answer. Garry tells Dawn that she has until the end of the day to tell him. Time is running out, but what will Dawn say?

Tiffany goes missing, but Garry finds her and returns her safely. Ricky is furious with Tiffany and tells her she should be more like Liam. A hurt Tiffany tells Ricky she hates him.

Libby sneaks into R&R with Darren and Callum despite being underage. Meanwhile, Chelsea is in the club and when she sees Janine talking to a man she quips that maybe it's a punter. But will Janine let Chelsea get the better of her?

Friday, 20 February 20:00 BBC1

Is Ricky the daddy?

Bianca has the DNA test results and confirms to a stunned Ricky that he's
Tiff's dad! Bianca and Ricky plan a family announcement, but when Whitney is escorted home by the police for shoplifting the announcement is put on hold...

Dawn feels uncomfortable when Garry wants to show off his 'new girlfriend' at the Vic. Shirley teases Dawn, but she insists she'll grow to love Garry - once she's made a few changes!

Tanya nervously sets off for her sentencing, but Max is sure she won't be sent down. Tanya is late back and Jane finds her in the cafe. It seems like good news, but why is Tanya so glum?

Also, Lucas quits the chippy when Ian tells him off for giving the leftovers to homeless people.

All spoilers taken from Whats on Tv. http://www.whatsontv.co.uk
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Eastenders spoilers starting for 16th Feb
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