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 Home and Away spoilers starting 16th Feb

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Home and Away spoilers starting 16th Feb Empty
PostSubject: Home and Away spoilers starting 16th Feb   Home and Away spoilers starting 16th Feb Icon_minitime17th February 2009, 1:19 am

Monday, 16 February 18:00 FIVE

Leah receives a call from Brian saying he has kidnapped VJ and wants $30,000 ransom. Bridget tips off the police and Brian takes off with both VJ and the money and Leah is left distraught. As the cops give chase, Brian skids off the road and Leah finds VJ unharmed.

Alf prepares to take Bridget to the airport, but as Jai fetches his jacket, a necklace falls out for all to see. Unable to allow Alf to be fooled any longer, Rachel tells Bridget that it's time to come clean.

Bridget admits she's been lying about having cancer - but little do they know her part in VJ's abduction. As the police turn up to arrest Bridget, Alf is horrified at the double blow.

Tuesday, 17 February 18:00 FIVE

When Alf finds out the scale of Bridget's fraud he's incredulous. Morag suggests they sue Bridget, but Alf says he doesn't want to. He made a fool of himself, he should have known someone as good-looking as Bridget wouldn't go for a man like him.

Angelo is pleading guilty to manslaughter for Jack's death. Charlie tells Martha that the prosecution want Angelo to do a walk-through of the crime scene. Martha can't bear to think of Angelo walking around the very place where he killed her husband, and tells Charlie she wants to be there and hear the details of what he did.

Martha turns up at the walk and attacks Angelo, whose lawyer informs Charlie that now he has seen the crime scene there is new evidence. In light of this, Charlie and Martha are stunned to learn that Angelo will be pleading 'not guilty'.

Meanwhile, Roman finds that his concern for Martha is affecting his relationship with Nicole.

Wednesday, 18 February 18:00 FIVE

Tony is furious about Angelo pleading not guilty. Rachel's upset when Tony misses their ultrasound and he snaps: he already had a son and he's dead!

Angelo tells Charlie that he genuinely thinks there is a chance he didn't shoot Jack. Charlie starts to have doubts, but Martha is certain that Angelo did it.

Martha is emotional at the thought of Angelo being granted bail, until the forensics find the bullet. It matches Angelo's gun - he did kill Jack. While Tony and Martha finally get closure, Charlie admits to Angelo that part of her wishes it wasn't him.

Meanwhile, Belle is disillusioned about her cancer cluster article, but the paper publishes it and dedicates it to Jack Holden. Aden is thrilled to get his job back on the trawler.

Thursday, 19 February 18:00 FIVE

When Hugo and Xavier come to stay with Tony, Ruby tries to impress Xavier by stealing a bottle of champagne from Tony. He catches them kissing and is upset they drank the champagne - he bought it for Jack's 21st. Feeling awkward, Hugo decides they should rent a caravan instead.

Miles is frustrated by Melody's disobedience. After a chat with Rachel he thinks he has the answer: Melody's mother showed her love through strict discipline so, when Miles tells her off, it proves he cares about her. Miles decides to change tack. But when Miles explains his theory to Melody she is horrified. When dawn breaks, Melody runs away...

Also, Belle is excited when the editor of Coastal News offers her a job as features writer, and she accepts.

Friday, 20 February 18:00 FIVE

Hugo shares a story about Jack with Martha, and she's glad to remember Jack without crying. Craving company, she asks Hugo and Xavier to move in. But Roman's not happy and warns Xavier to behave... or else!

Charlie's upset about Ruby and Xavier's drinking. Ruby admits it was her idea, and Charlie tells her about Xavier smoking pot. When Ruby confronts Xavier, he says he's given it up. Ruby tells him they make a hot couple, and Xavier agrees, prompting him to finish with his girlfriend.

Miles discovers Melody has run away. He and the police head to the bus station, but Melody's hitched a ride. When the truck driver hears a bulletin about Melody being missing, he tells the police he dropped her in Melbourne. Charlie and Miles set off for Melbourne, where Melody is scared, vulnerable and alone...

All spoilers taken from Whats on Tv. http://www.whatsontv.co.uk
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Home and Away spoilers starting 16th Feb
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