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 corrie spoilers starting 16th feb

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PostSubject: corrie spoilers starting 16th feb   corrie spoilers starting 16th feb Icon_minitime17th February 2009, 1:08 am

Sorry im a day late!

Monday, 16 February 19:30 ITV1

Becky is hung over and when Jason tries to talk wedding plans it's clear that Becky's heart is not in it. Becky confesses to Hayley that Steve also
proposed and admits she's torn between the two of them. Hayley suggests
she write a list of the pros and cons for both men. What will Becky decide?

Sophie brings new boyfriend Ben home for lunch. Kevin and Sally are taken aback when Sophie announces that she has become a Christian and has vowed to remain celibate until she is married!

Julie is worried about having to choose someone for Tony to sack. Meanwhile, Janice tries to convince the girls that she would make a great nurse.

Also, Eddie tries to bribe David and Tina not to give evidence at the court case.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky goes to The Rovers and a stunned Steve realises she's not wearing
Jason's engagement ring. Steve seizes his chance and proposes again and
is delighted when Becky says 'yes'. When the newly returned Michelle finds out, she gets angry and has a set-to with Becky.

Len talks to Ted about their 'family problems', but Ted is not taken in by petty crook Len. Tina is still scared of him and is worried when Len makes a
veiled threat about Ted's welfare.

Julie has a go at the factory girls for skiving, then later confesses to Fiz that Tony has told her to sack one of the girls or she'll be out on her ear!

Also, Deirdre invites Liz and Lloyd for dinner; Sally is mystified by Sophie's interest in the church.

Wednesday, 18 February 19:30 ITV1

Joe plans a family dinner to celebrate Tina's birthday and things are
looking up when he finds a buyer for his stock. Len finds out about the
sale and sends someone down to Joe's lock-up to trash the lot and Joe is left devastated. Will it be the last straw for Tina?

Becky fronts up to her to say that she doesn't want any hard feelings, but
Michelle makes it clear to Becky what she thinks of her and tells her that she has all the class of a town centre toilet!

Fiz tells the factory girls that Tony ordered Julie to choose one of them for him to sack and Julie suddenly finds herself very popular!

Also, Ken gets back from Portsmouth and heads straight round to see Martha.

Friday, 20 February 19:30 ITV1

Julie stands up to bullying Tony and tells him that he will have to sack her,
as she won't nominate any of the girls. But they are interrupted by the
mysterious Luke Strong, who arrives at the factory with an announcement...

Tina is having second thoughts about testifying, but David won't let her back out of it. Meanwhile, Gail discovers some of Joe's unpaid bills and secretly pays some off.

Ken frets about the dinner party with Liz and Lloyd and meekly tells Deirdre he booked the theatre. Ken is forced to tell Martha that he won't be able
to make her play, but says nothing about his wife.

Also, Michelle tells Steve to stay out of her way; Graeme appears to be channelling the ghost of Fred Elliot!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony is stunned when Luke Strong reveals he's looking after Carla's share of
the factory and as she owns 60 per cent he'll be Tony's boss! Meanwhile, Julie is relieved when Luke says that their jobs are safe for the time being and Tony is left looking foolish.

Joe is angry when he realises that Gail asked Jason if there were any jobs for Joe at the yard. Gail apologises and Joe backs off. When Gail reveals
that she has also paid some of his bills he is embarrassed but grateful.

Deirdre's dinner party is a disaster as Ken clearly wishes he were somewhere else and a frustrated Deirdre tells him to snap out of it.

Also, Claire sheds some light on Graeme's strange behaviour when he is wearing Fred's hat.

All spoilers taken from Whats on Tv. http://www.whatsontv.co.uk
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corrie spoilers starting 16th feb
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