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 emmerdale this week

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PostSubject: emmerdale this week   emmerdale this week Icon_minitime9th February 2009, 7:22 am

All info from www.digitalspy.co.uk

Monday 9th Feb

Diane returns to the village with Annie for Jack's funeral and Annie is sad that her return was prompted by such tragic circumstances. Annie is alarmed to hear that Andy is having doubts about whether to attend, but
Daz says he'll make sure that he's there.

Diane takes Victoria and Daz to Butlers' to search for Andy, but there's no sign of him and she still hasn't heard from Robert. Victoria is furious that her
brothers are being so selfish and sticks the boot in with Diane as well.

Paddy feels guilty for ignoring Marlon and takes some beers to Tall Trees.
Eli turns up at the house and confesses he's been thrown out of Wishing
Well. Eli pledges to devote all of his time to supporting Marlon from now on.

Tuesday 10th Feb

Victoria prepares herself for Jack's funeral and tells Daz that she's planning to move to Spain with Annie. Meanwhile, Robert Sugden watches from a distance as the Sugdens leave for the funeral...

At the funeral Diane reads out a loving letter that Jack wrote to his
children. Andy feels guilty when the letter talks about Jack's sons looking after the farm. Robert watches as they bury Jack and Andy seeshim. Andy begs him to stay and run the farm. What will he say?

Annie gives Diane a private letter from Jack, saying he loved her and
regretted their split and Diane is moved to tears. Andy, Daz, Diane and
Victoria gather at Jack's grave and Andy declares that he is going to keep the farm, but he needs his family and Victoria resolves to stay.

Wednesday 11th Feb

Zak and the Dingles discover a 'snooper' at Tug Ghyll, who turns out to be Debbie's new brief, Hawkins. Zak is stunned to find out that Hawkins has been paid for by Debbie's errant father Cain!

Andy finds out about Cain's imminent return and he is furious. He is insistent that he doesn't want Cain around Sarah and he makes an anonymous call to the police. A squad of police cars surrounds the Dingle homestead and Zak suspects Andy, but has no proof.

Daz patches up his differences with Andy and offers to help with the farm, as does Victoria. Mick isfurious when he finds out Andy is keeping the farm and he feels hurt when he finds out that Lee has taken a gamekeeper's job at Home Farm.

Thursday 12th Feb

Zak is furious when he finds out that Cain was arrested at a port and he
attacks Andy. Zak tells Andy he has blown his chances of having access
to Sarah. Diane talks to Lisa, but she stands firm. Diane warns Lisa that Andy will not give up.

Ashley calls dad Sandy to tell him about Jasmine and is surprised to discover he's in Scotland. Meanwhile, Debbie gets her mobile from Hawkins, who says Cain will contact her, but when she returns a missed call, Jasmine is on the phone...

Mick apologises to Diane for his outburst and takes a job as potman at The
Woolpack when he's sure she's not treating him as a charity case. Lee is pleased to see his granddad happier and feels better about accepting the Home Farm job.

Friday 13th Feb

Eli tells the police he wants to change his statement to say that he saw Jasmine murder Shane and he also mentions that Jasmine and Debbie were lovers. Debbie finds herself charged with murder as the prosecution claim she killed Shane out of jealousy!

Paddy is in a sour mood ahead of Valentine's Day and Gennie buys Paddy a card to cheer him up. She plants the Valentine's card in Paddy's pocket, but is mortified when he thinks his friends are laughing at him.

Diane threatens Lisa that Andy will have to get a solicitor if they won't give him access to Sarah. Diane warns the Dingles that they would lose a custody battle with Debbie in prison and the Dingles feel forced to let Andy have Sarah temporarily.
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emmerdale this week
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