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 eastenders this week

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PostSubject: eastenders this week   eastenders this week Icon_minitime9th February 2009, 7:16 am

all info from www.digitalspy.co.uk

Monday 9th Feb

Minty's surprised to hear that Garry's been offered a job on a cruise ship, and news travels around the Square that Garry could be leaving for pastures new. As Dawn and Minty worry about Garry's rumoured departure, Garry reveals that he's not going anywhere. Talking about his future in Walford with Dawn, he's happy when she shares his visions of the future, but it soon becomes apparent that Dawn is simply talking about them being together as friends. When Garry suggests that they could be a family, Dawn makes her excuses and leaves to go for a walk with Summer.

Later, Garry arranges to go out for dinner with Dawn at the Argee Bargee and she can't help but agree. Garry's not impressed that Heather, Minty, Ricky and Bianca are also there. Talking about her life, Dawn tells Garry that she's happy that she found the perfect man and, thinking she meant him, Garry signals to the waiter to come to the table. When Dawn reveals that she was talking about Jase, Garry realises his mistake butit's too late and the waiter serves Dawn a cocktail with a diamond ringat the bottom. Forced into a corner, Garry gets down on bended knee and proposes. Dawn tells him that them being together will never happen before running out of the restaurant. He chases after her but reality hits him hard and he begins to cry. Meanwhile, Bianca takes Ricky to the Argee Bargee to tell him the truth about Tiffany's potential paternity. The conversation soon turns to Tiffany, and Bianca tries to seize the moment but bottles it at the last minute. Frustrated by Bianca's odd mood, Ricky decides to leave. Bianca follows him across the Square and then returns home to find Tiffany in her
pyjamas. She hands Ricky a collage she's made but Ricky catches sight
of what Bianca scribbled down earlier in the day: 'Ricky. I have to
tell you, I think you may be Tiffany’s dad.'

Elsewhere, Heather's feeling down about what she heard Minty saying about her the previous week, prompting Shirley to give Minty a good talking to; and Minty takes Heather to the Argee Bargee in an attempt to apologise for his comments last week.

Tuesday 10th feb

Garry is crushed when Dawn gives him back his engagement ring. Garry feels a mug when Dawn cons him into looking after Summer while she has her nails done. A despondent Garry steals a car from the Arches and drives off...

Ricky confronts Bianca about the note and she confesses that she thinks he's Tiffany's father. Ricky demands a DNA test, but Bianca is worried that Whitney may be upset if Tiffany isn't her half-sister after all.

Whitney is asked on a date with Todd, the guy who has been valeting Pat Cars cabs and Ricky talks her into it. Todd takes Whitney to the cafe, but when he asks her about her ex-boyfriends she bolts. Also, Heather and Shirley find George Michael's house!

Thursday 12th Feb

Bianca discovers that Whitney ran out on her date with Todd, who later finds Whitney slumped in a doorway clutching a half-empty vodka bottle. Ricky goes to collect her and is horrified when a drunk Whitney tries to kiss

Garry leaves a desperate message on the flat answer phone asking Dawn to pick up. Garry leaves a message saying sadly that all he ever wanted was for Dawn to say she loved him.

Heather takes a memento from the bins and she and Shirley make their escape. Shirley sees George Michael going next door, but doesn't have the heart to tell Heather. Back in Walford, Heather determines to find herself a man. Shirley secretly gets on the phone and books Heather an escort.

Friday 13th Feb

Darren deletes Garry's answerphone message as he doesn't want Dawn upset. Minty is horrified when the police tell him that Garry's car was found abandoned by the coast and they suspect that he may have committed suicide...

Heather heads to R&R on a mission to bag herself a bloke and she pulls a sexy guy called Eddie. Dawn blurts out that Shirley booked an escort for her and Heather is devastated. Shirley is stunned when the real escort wants paying - Heather really did pull!

Whitney apologises to Ricky for trying to kiss him. Bianca decides to go ahead with the DNA test. Ricky tells Bianca that he would love to be Tiff's dad, but he realises that if he is it will change everything.
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PostSubject: Re: eastenders this week   eastenders this week Icon_minitime9th February 2009, 7:20 am

oh nothing about ronny and danielle Sad

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PostSubject: Re: eastenders this week   eastenders this week Icon_minitime9th February 2009, 7:31 am

nope not yet!!!

Wish they would hurry it up now though its doing my head in waiting!!!
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eastenders this week
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