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PostSubject: corrie this week   corrie this week Icon_minitime9th February 2009, 6:54 am

Len threatens Tina in the kebab shop
Airs on Monday, February 9 2009 at 19:30 GMT on ITV1
By Kris Green, Soaps Editor

Tony sits alone in a darkened flat,
the place has been completely trashed but has no desire to sort out the
flat or himself. The factory girls are concerned when they turn up at
Underworld to find it locked - and there's no sign of Tony or Carla,
When Maria arrives and tells them what she saw the previous evening, Julie
decides to go to the flat and see what is going on. She is shocked when
she finds a bloodied Tony at the flat and when she asks after Carla, he
slams the door in her face.

Gary and Tina have an awkward exchange over the garden fence. Tina thinks that Gary is just being nice so she’ll change her statement. When David walks into the garden, he's furious at Gary who accuses him of controlling Tina.

Tina tells David that he has put her in a very difficult position and
if he really loved her, he wouldn’t ask her to lie for him. The
enormity of the problems he is causing for her hit home when she finds
herself alone and being threatened in the kebab shop by Len.

Kevin is worried about Sophie’s date with Ben but Sally reassures him that he is a nice boy. Rosie helps Sophie get ready and for once the girls put
their past arguments behind them and enjoy being sisters.
Elsewhere, Martha presents Ken with a beautiful gift - will he come clean about Deirdre?

Leanne and Maria pay Tony a visit
Airs on Monday, February 9 2009 at 20:30 GMT on ITV1
By Kris Green, Soaps Editor

A terrified Tina tries putting on a brave face as Len continues to threaten her. She tells him about the CCTV camera but he is very careful to ensure his threats are verbal, rendering the silent camera useless.

After he's, gone a shaken Tina has a go at Gary who is oblivious to his
uncle’s actions but he surprises himself by physically attacking Len
for his interference.

Everyone is concerned as to Carla's whereabouts and Leanne is starting to wonder if Tony has hurt her. Determined to get to the bottom of what's happened, Maria and Leanne decide to pay Tony a visit.

A dazed and drunken Tony answers the door and tells that that Carla has left him because she was in love with Liam. How will Maria react to this latest bombshell?

A stressed Steve asks Becky to cover in the Rovers as it is Amy’s
birthday but Becky tells him she is doing something with Jason. It
doesn’t stop Becky being jealous, though, when she discovers that Steve
is planning to go on a date with Natasha.

Elsewhere, Deirdre is amused that Ken has 'bought himself' a kimono and he doesn’t tell her that it was actually a gift!

Tony turns up at Liam's grave

Airs on Wednesday, February 11 2009 at 19:30 GMT on ITV1
By Kris Green, Soaps Editor

Joe wants to report Len to the police but when he, Gail and David view the CCTV footage in the hope of finding some incriminating evidence, they discover that he has been too
clever as there's nothing to prove he threatened Tina.

It's the anniversary of Liam and Maria’s wedding and she heads for the
cemetery to visit her late husband's grave. Maria is surprised when
Tony turns up to pay his respects and uncharacteristically breaks down
in tears. Maria finds herself softening towards him and offers him a
lift home.

Natasha arrives for her date with Steve but he is far from enthusiastic when they spend the evening eating takeaway curries and watching the
football. She apologises for bamboozling him into a date and lets him
off the hook.

Mary and Norris also enjoy a date before she heads off on her cruise with her mother. She offers him another chance to go with her and is devastated when he refuses.

Jason proposes to Becky

Airs on Friday, February 13 2009 at 19:30 GMT on ITV1

By Kris Green, Soaps Editor

Jason has a surprise for Becky - he wants to take her to Spain for Valentine's Day but Becky is having none of it - she won't travel on Friday the 13th for anyone. Jason decides that he has to do something to make this Friday 13th the luckiest Becky has ever had.

Later, as Becky is working at the cafe, a uniformed Jason bursts in and
literally sweeps her off her feet. To gasps from the customers, he
takes her outside where a gleaming Harley awaits. Will she accept his
romantic proposal?

Meanwhile, Steve McDonald is planning a pre-Valentine's Day surprise for Becky, having discovered she has rejected Jason's holiday idea. Unaware of Jason's subsequent extravagant proposal plans, he arms himself with a bunch of flowers and Michelle's old engagement ring - but is he too late?

Anna extends an olive branch to Tina and apologises for Len's strong-arm
tactics in the kebab shop the other night. She tells her that Gary was
furious and swung a punch at Len when he found out.

Tony apologises to Maria for the state he was in at the graveyard but when
he enters the factory to discover the usual high jinks, he sees red and
insists that supervisor Julie sack someone by the end of play.

Meanwhile, back at home, Julie is becoming increasingly irritated by Kirk's
simplicity and Natasha puts her disastrous date with Steve behind her.

Elsewhere, Sally Webster hires Graeme to tidy up her garden.

Becky's stunned when Steve also proposes

Airs on Friday, February 13 2009 at 20:30 GMT on ITV1

By Kris Green, Soaps Editor

Everyone congratulates Becky and Jason on their proposal, but Steve can't bear to watch the rest of it unfold and storms back into the Rovers. Liz is surprised to discover that Steve planned to propose to Becky, too.

When Becky arrives at the Rovers to celebrate, she's surprised by Steve's
seemingly-calm reaction to the news - he even offers the first drink on
the house.

But later when she pops out for a fag, she finds an angry and resentful Steve who makes his real feelings known. She's stunned as he produces the ring he had planned to give her and asks her to marry him instead!

At the factory, Julie is feeling under pressure and tries to clarify the situation with Tony, who insists that unless she finds someone to sack, she'll be out of a job herself.

Sally is very pleased with Graeme's handiwork in the garden and pays him
generously but when Kevin comes home, she passes the work off as her
own. Kevin is impressed until Graeme turns up to see if he left his
watch at the house.

Sally has to come clean but Kevin is furious with her for lying to him and confides in Ashley that he still doesn't feel at home in the house - prompting Ashely to invite him to stay the night in his old house!

Tina sees Gary in the garden and asks if he really threw a punch at Len. Gary confirms that he did and she tells him she is grateful. Meanwhile, David is determined to treat her to something nice for her 18th birthday.

All info from www.digitalspy.co.uk
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PostSubject: Re: corrie this week   corrie this week Icon_minitime9th February 2009, 7:00 am

omgggggggggg thats sooo much longer than i expeced haha
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corrie this week
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