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 homemade recipes - one i remember from being a kid!!!

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PostSubject: homemade recipes - one i remember from being a kid!!!   12th October 2008, 12:03 pm

I am not sure about quantities for this recipe, as it is one i remember from
my own childhood, it dosnt matter though it just means there is no
measuring! lol!


A packet of digestive biscuits (or even rich tea)
A packet of pink and white marshmallos (the larger ones)

Cooking chocolate ( it is worth buying good quality cooking chocolate)
Greaseproof paper


put half
of the packet of biscuits to one side, with the other half put onto the
greaseproof paper onto a baking tray, on top of each biscuit place 1
marshmallow, put another biscuit on top of each marshmallow. put in the
oven for a little while on a low temperature for just a few minutes.
once the marshmallow has melted, carefully take out of the oven and
place them on a cooling rack to cool down, push down lightly on the top
biscuit to make sure that the biscuits are stuck together, be very
careful as the marshmallow will be extremely hot! once they have cooled
completely melt the cooking chocolate (as the instructions say) now for
the messy bit! the kids might enjoy this part! you now coat each wagon
wheel in the cooking chocolate! this bit is a bit tedious but it will
be worth it! put the wagon wheels onto some greaseproof paper and put
in the frdige for the chocolate to harden. once the chocolate has
hardened (a few minutes) they are ready to eat! enjoy!


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homemade recipes - one i remember from being a kid!!!
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