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 Alice's Pregnancy diary..........

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PostSubject: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   21st August 2008, 1:49 am

Hay Guys!
Well only 12 days left until my duedate, and as most of u know the last few weeks are the worst!! Ill share my days with you on how a feel and what iv been up too.

Yesterday...... 20/08/08

Yesterday was a pritty laid back day. Not been feeling any pain for a while, no niggles or twinges. Feeling fedup but not really due to baby but more due to my Maternity allowance buggering things up with my NI again and im still not being paid!!! This process has been going on for 12 weeks now and is starting to get a little big stupid!! (Any way thats a long story)

I was invited to a leaving doo yesterday at our local chrldrens centre so me and sophie went along to that, had a posh buffet, a laugh with the music man and my ABC buddies, Sophie had a good play.

Last night i felt really tired, i fell asleep on the sofa for an hour from 6.30-7.30, only just managed to get Sophie to bed! My energy levels just dropped so much, i could hardly walk up the stairs at 9pm when i decided to go up.
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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   22nd August 2008, 4:08 am


Well today i had some amazing news!! FINALLY Maternity allowance have recieved my 14 weeks NI contributions and can start paying me my Maternity allowance Whoop Whoop, They owe me 5 weeks backpay and my weekly maternity allowance is 117 a week, so a nice sum of money is on its way to me in the next 5-7 working days! Whoop!! About time me and andrew had a bit of luck with money!!
Any how with all the excitement baby has been going crazy, jiggling and dancing all day, none stop! To the point of getting annoying!!!, no more pains thou but loads of pressure from 'down below'! Honestly it feels like his head is going to just 'pop' out lol!!
Andrew put sophie to bed for me while i tidyed and then we had a chilling night infront of the TV!
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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   23rd August 2008, 3:02 am


Today has been a manic day for me! Sophie has gone out for the day to meet my Sister, her DF, Joshua & KJ as its Joshy's 6th Birthday! My parents picked her up at 9am so been on my own most the day! All of a suddon i found myself cleaning like a manic women! I just could'nt stop! I washed my blinds, hooverd and polished up and down stairs, cleaned the bathroom, sofa's and even tidyed my room, got rid of some tools that were in there and changed it around a little! Shocked By 12pm i was shattered, took a walk to the chippy and got a very yummy chicken meat and chips with BBq sauce and Salad!! Yum!!
After my 'Nesting' and lunch i sloped on the sofa for about 3 hours, had a little sleep and generally just 'chilled' !!

Andrew came home from a course that he has just finished (And passed whoop) and we decided to go get a nice hot drink & cake from Starbucks, more then likly the last time we will get together b4 bubba comes! It was lovely, had a wonder round some shops (Well a waddle) Stopped off at a friends house on the way home then came home ourselves! Kiddies turned up and then we were back to reality!!

Today Pregnancy wise iv not been feeling to bad! I few niggle pains but nothing extream! Im waddling so much now and my bump is just getting huge! Im finding it hard getting up and down from the sofa, and in and out the car!

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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   24th August 2008, 2:40 am


Well today was a bit of a none predictable day! We wanted to do something but did'nt know what. So we decided to have a trip down to a place called Downtown, its a huge shopping/garden centre, we decided to go to look for some new school shoes for Katie, suprise suprise there was'nt any (Unless i wanted to pay 37.00 for some clarkes one!) Erm No! So we decided to then take a trip in to Grantham Town! As me and katie had a look round Sophie and andrew had a play on this big bit of green. We found a great shoe shop and managed to get Katie some shoes for 4!!! There fab!! And another pair of shoes for 3!!! i WAS DEAD IMPRESSED! We met up with Andrew and Sophie, Had Mc Donalds and then come home. I slept as i was shattered (lol) then got ready to baby sit for a friend for the evening.

Pregnancy wise today iv not been feeling to bad. Im finding it hard to stand up for long periods of time now and also my hips and pelvis are feeling the strain! Baby was moving like crazy while i was baby sitting and i was having loads of 'pressure' from down below too!
But still no sigin!

Single figers tomorrow! 9 Days to go!!
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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   25th August 2008, 2:10 am


oooOOOOOOoooo I love sundays!! There so lazy and relaxing!!

I WISH! My god today has been agony from the start! BH all over the place, achey, tired and generally feeling fed up!! I really want baby to come now but have a feeling that bubba is going to be late and yet again ill have to be induced!! Does'nt help that 4 women off the ivillage board that i use all have due daes after me have had big strong lovely gorgeous healthy babys! Mad (even thou im so prod of them!)

Today we have not done much, Had a walk round Asda to do the food shop, which is a struggle in itself, then decided to cook a nice hot spicy curry for dinner! Hum, that did'nt work! Showered and put the kids to bed and generally just chilled for the rest of the evening!
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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   26th August 2008, 7:56 am


Well today is my mums Birthday.........'Happy Birthday mum' So our plans are to be busy busy busy all day Smile !!

Today we went to mums how for dinner, Had a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings Smile yum! Then we went off to the local pub to watch Party in the car park (Lots of live bands playing in a back of a lorry) Had a great day drinking lots of coke and generally chillin!!

We came home and Andrews parents turned up! Stayed a few hours and then went, got kids to bed and thats about it Shocked !!

Pregnancy wise im not feeling to bad. Obviously tired from the day, achey and a little fed up, but today is one of my better day!!
Ill be 39 weeks tomorrow...Not long to wait now Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   29th August 2008, 9:43 am

39 weeks and 3 days pregnant! 4 days until my due date! Am i gonna be late??!!!?? Of course i bloody well am!!! LOL.

Can u tell im fed up! Tired, in pain and fed up fed up fed up !!!!

Well i have my SIL wedding tomorrow and its gonna be a very busy day! a very long day and a very tireing day! Im gonna suffer i just know it!!

Baby is nice and active thou, he moves all the time now, pokes arms and legs out from all over the place! Constently got the hiccups LOL.
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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Pregnancy diary..........   

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Alice's Pregnancy diary..........
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